Homeland Security (DHS)

DSS™ technology fulfills three core missions defined by the government's homeland security response:

  • protects critical infrastructures and key assets
  • defends against catastrophic threats
  • provides transportation security

One of biggest threats from terrorism to the nation's critical infrastructure such as airports, seaports, energy facilities, railways and mass transit include fuel tank explosions and fires. Relevant high-loss threat scenarios include attacks against: fuel tankers and fuel storage facilities at major airports and seaports; fuel tankers in highways, tunnels and bridges; cargo trains and ships transporting fuels and/or chemicals; and, LNG terminals or fuel depots near populated areas. Such attacks can cause disastrous explosions and fires resulting in catastrophic results such as loss of life, injury, destruction of assets, disruption of normal operations and activities, huge financial losses and environmental disaster. Already numerous press stories and intelligence reports have increased awareness of such possibilities.

DSS™ provides 24/7/365 protection to all types of fuel storage systems:

  • fuel tankers
  • stationary storage facilities for liquid fuels and gases (such as gasoline, propane, diesel, acetylene, ethane, hydrogen, methane, LNG, town gas, etc.) located at airports and seaports, on cargo trains and ships, military bases, and in industrial, commercial and residential areas
  • LNG terminals
  • chemical storage tanks
  • fuel depots

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