Department of Defense (DoD)

1jpg_smallThe Department of Defense is using the DSS™ to protect fuel tankers and fuel storage tanks from explosions which are caused by enemy attacks. A number of military agencies among NATO countries have been also using the DSS™ in fuel tankers, armored vehicles, personnel carrier vehicles, shipboard tanks and storage tanks in military bases.

Every military is concerned with protecting its armored vehicles, tankers, personnel carriers, aircraft, ships and fuel storage facilities against an unexpected enemy attack or during conflict. Fuel tankers are especially vulnerable in high-threat regions, and in fact recent Department of Defense (DoD) reports and related press releases have reported numerous incidents involving explosions of U.S. military fuel tankers in Afghanistan and Iraq due to terrorist or enemy attacks. In addition, organizations are incurring millions of dollars in costs every year associated with corrosion repair and maintenance costs of fuel tanks, and also significant losses of fuel due to evaporation.

By preventing fuel tank explosions, and/or mitigating a blasts or fire spreads, DSS™ will save lives, prevent serious injury and protect equipment and other hard assets from possible total destruction. In addition, DSS™ will provide the military with significant savings by reducing repair and maintenance costs incurred from tank corrosion or welding repairs and by reducing fuel evaporation losses.

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