DHS qualifies DSS™ as Anti-Terrorism Technology

The Department of Homeland Security officially designated the DSS™ Technology as a Qualified Anti Terrorism Technology.

dhs-signatureThe Department of Homeland Security (DHS) spends billions of dollars each year on programs designed to strengthen the nation's ability to protect critical infrastructure facilities and systems, to enhance the ability of State and local governments to prepare, prevent, and respond to terrorist attacks and other disasters.


DoD/U.S. Army Testing is a Success

DSS™ Technology successfully passes DoD/U.S. Army Testing at Aberdeen Test Center.

promo1The U.S. Army recently conducted a series of ballistics and external fire tests to validate DSS™ technology's ability to prevent explosions and spread of fires in fuel tanks. All tests were conducted in August 2007 by the Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) at Aberdeen proving Grounds (APG).

According to the official test results:

"In both the Ballistic Threat (sub test I) and External Fire Threat (sub test II) scenarios the DSS™ technology showed that it prevented a fire or explosive type event from occurring. No noticeable fire or explosive event was observed during the welding operation (sub test III) performed on the 55-gallon drum with DSS™ and fuel inside it. In all instances where the fuel drums were filled with the DSS™ technology, the drums remained intact and unmoved from their original position."

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DSS™ Labeled a "Promising Technology"

worldtechincSafety Technologies Inc. and DSS™ Technology are profiled in the Business section of Washington Post as part of a story on Worldtech Inc. DSS™ technology is shown by a team from Worldtech, Inc. (photo right) and labeled "a promising technology."

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