Fuel related explosions occur every day; many with devastating results

Whether as a result of accident or terrorist attack, DSS™ mitigates explosions, saves lives and reduces material loss. Fully tested by the U.S. Department of Defense, DSS™ is a cost effective way of protecting life and property from fuel explosion.

Installation of DSS™ is a straightforward process

Rolls of wire mesh DSS™ material are manufactured in different sizes and then inserted into the fuel tank. Any size tank can utilize the material, no matter the size, including vehicle fuel tanks and large storage tanks holding millions of gallons of fuel.

DSS™ is easily installed in large fuel tanker trucks

The rolls of DSS™ are inserted through the openings on the top of the tanker. They fill the entire cavity of the truck eliminating open pockets of air where fumes can gather.

Install DSS™ On Full Tanks

This tank, installed with DSS™ is filled with fuel and it is welded while fuel is present in the tank. This could not be done without DSS™ and its protective properties. The same can be done on a tank filled with propane gas. DSS™ will prevent explosions that would otherwise occur when a liquid or gas fuel is present.

What Happens Without DSS™?

The result of this DoD test shot (using .Cartridge, .50 Caliber M20 API-T, Control Drum) was an explosive event. The bullet passed through the drum and immediately the drum bulged, jumped in the air and gases started venting through both bullet holes that indicated that an explosive event had occurred inside. The drum ended up upside down slightly wedged between the impact plate in the back and the side of the burn pan. Both the top and bottom panels on the drum were deformed from the event.

Fuel related explosions can be catastrophic ...

DSS™ could have prevented these!

Explosion of a Fuel Tanker Truck in Mexico Fuel Storage Tanks Explosion in Japan

The Problem & The DSS™ Solution: How It Works

The Problem

One of biggest threats from terrorism to the nation's critical infrastructure and hard assets are fuel-air explosions. Terrorism attacks to blow up fuel tankers, fuel storage tanks at airports and seaports, fuel depots, LNG terminals, fuel cargo trains, armored vehicles, helicopters, boats etc., have resulted or could result in catastrophic results such as loss of life, injury, destruction of assets, disruption of normal operations and activities, huge financial losses and environmental disaster.

There have been numerous such incidents and attempts and numerous press stories and intelligence reports have increased awareness of such events and possibilities. Fuel tanks explosions and fires with the same devastating results occur also daily due to accidents, collisions, improper maintenance, electrostatic discharge and human error.

There have also been numerous accidents involving tanker explosions in highways, propane and fuel storage explosions in industrial facilities. Concerns over fuel tank explosions have already led to legislation prohibiting fuel tanker trucks and cargo trains traveling through tunnels, bridges or cities. Preventing fuel tank explosions and protecting critical infrastructure and assets is becoming a major concern for the government, the industry and the public.

In addition to safety and security concerns, fuel tanks are also significant pollutants of CO2 emissions caused by fuel evaporation. According to EPA, an above the ground fuel storage tank can lose up to 10% of its fuel every year due to evaporation! In addition to CO2 emissions there is also a significant monetary cost being associated from the loss of fuel due to evaporation.

The Detonation Suppression System (DSS™) Solution

DSS™ is the only patented proven effective technology manufactured in the USA that will prevent explosions, mitigate blasts and spread of fires in any fuel storage system caused by incendiary weapons (IEDs), conventional explosives, fire or even other means such as sparking, maintenance error, electrostatic discharge, crashes, or other type of accident. DSS™ is made of a special proprietary aluminum alloy and it is produced in rolls that can be easily inserted into all types of fuel storage tanks.

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It is effective against all flammable liquids and gases including gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, acetylene, hydrogen, methane, propane, town gas and more. In addition to preventing explosions and fire spreads, DSS™ is an environmental technology because it helps reduce significantly CO2 emissions into the air caused by fuel evaporation. It reduces fuel loss due to evaporation by more than 50% resulting in significant fuel savings and monetary benefits. Because the DSS™ material acts as anode, it also eliminates corrosion inside the fuel tanks prolonging thus the prolonging the economic life of the tank. Furthermore, DSS™ enables repair of fuel tanks (i.e., welding), even when the fuel tank is filled with fuel. Using DSS™ could also result in lower insurance premiums.

DSS™ is produced in our USA state of the art facilities, using our own special patented machines ensuring the highest quality control from raw materials to the end product. DSS™ is one time application and provides permanent 24/7 protection during the whole useful life of the fuel tank.

How It Works

The DSS™ material is installed in rolls into fuel tanks filling all the space inside the tank while displacing only 1.6% of the fuel. The size of the rolls varies based on the type of fuel tank.

The DSS™ System special ability to suppress explosions and mitigate fire spreads is due to it's special material metal composition and it's patented design. DSS™will prevent destructive pressures from being generated after the explosive ignition of vapors or gases by absorbing the heat released during the reaction with its porous filler mass of high heat absorbability and by "Quenching" the reaction by dividing the container into minute cells which inhibit flame propagation.

It is a one-time application that provides lifetime protection. No other operational or maintenance costs are required. Once it is installed no other operational or maintenance costs are required. DSS™ will provide 24/7 protection of the fuel tank during the whole useful life of the tank. Installation in fuel tankers and fuel storage tanks is fast and easy and requires minimal training. DSS is 100% recyclable and can be transferred from one fuel tank to another!

What Are The Benefits of DSS™?