DSS™ Is Made In America

DSS™ is produced in our USA state of the art facilities, using our own special patented machines ensuring the highest quality control from raw materials to the end product.


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DSS™ is a proven technology and it is been successfully used by the US Department of Defense, foreign government agencies and industrial companies. GO>


The 4 Most Important Reasons To Buy DSS™

  • Prevents Explosions and Spread of Fires
  • Reduces Fuel Evaporation
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Allows Welding On Filled Fuel Tanks

Applications of DSS Technology

The Detonation Suppress System (DSS™) is the most proven patented technology available to prevent explosions of fuel tanks containing flammable liquids and gases. A fuel storage tank protected with DSS™ can withstand the impact of all types of ammunition without exploding. DSS™ will prevent explosions and mitigate fire-spread caused by gunfire, terrorist activity, sparking, maintenance error, electrostatic discharge, crashes, or other type of accident.

DSS™ has been fully tested in commercial and military environments. A number of military agencies and commercial entities have deployed DSS™ material.

What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

...the presence of DSS™ reduces the vapor pressure of the gasoline so that less of the fuel volume is evaporated. This, apart from the financial benefit (less loss of fuel), reduces also the environmental pollution (less hydrocarbons released to the atmosphere) and at the same time the existing combustion dangers.


- The National Technical University of Athens,
Laboratory of Fuels & Lubricants Technology

The results show that the safety aluminum mesh prevents a propane explosion.



The fuel tanks with explosion suppressant were able to withstand the impact of all three types of ammunition. Only the penetration and exit holes were visible signs of damage so that the fuel below would still have been available to power the vehicle. Even a detonating mine which caused the entire fuel to flow out through the penetration hole did not produce any fire in the engine compartment


- BWB/German Ministry Of Defense

Important Facts About DSS™

DSS™ Technology has been installed in:

  • the fuel tanks of armored and personnel-carrier vehicles
  • fuel tankers
  • fuel storage tanks located at military bases and airports
  • shipboard fuel tanks
  • LNG terminals
  • fuel depots
  • 55-gallon drums

The DSS™ Technology:

  • Has been purchased by the U.S. Army for installation in fuel tankers deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Has been approved for sale among NATO countries and carries a NATO Stock Number (NSN)
  • Satisfies USAF specifications: MIL-B-87162A
  • Has a CAGE code, making it available for U.S. Government procurement
  • Has an ISO 9002 Certificate of Approval