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DSS™ will provide 24/7 protection of the fuel tank during the whole useful life of the tank. It is a one-time application that provides lifetime protection. No other operational or maintenance costs are required. Installation in fuel tankers and fuel storage tanks is fast and easy and requires minimal training. The material is installed in rolls into empty, clean tanks filling all the space inside the tank while displacing only 1.6% of the fuel. The size of the rolls varies based on the type of fuel tank. Once it is installed no other operational or maintenance costs are required. DSS™ will provide 24/7 protection of the fuel tank during the whole useful life of the tank.

DSS™ is a proven technology and it is been successfully used by the Department of Defense and military agencies of many NATO countries including Germany, Greece, Norway, Sweden, as well as manufacturers of vehicles in Europe. The DSS™ material is currently available for sale and ready to be deployed.

DSS™ will defeat and/or significantly mitigate the effects of any terrorist or enemy attack where conventional explosives or incendiary weapons are used to blow up fuel tanks. It will also mitigate effects by quenching fires in fuel storage tanks caused by same attacks. It will provide a permanent 24/7 protection to all military fuel storage tanks, fuel tankers and all vehicles. It will also protect the nations' fuel storage tanks and fuel trucks operating in airports and seaports; LNG terminals and fuel depots near cities, commercial fuel tankers, chemical and oil storage facilities, cargo trains and shipboard tanks and more.

DSS™ also generates ancillary benefits for fuel tanks including:

  • reduction of fuel evaporation by 53%
  • significant reduction in tank corrosion, prolonging the economic life of the tank
  • enabling welding repair of fuel tanks filled with fuel by eliminating sparking

The Detonation Suppression System (DSS™) is the most effective patented technology developed to prevent explosions, mitigate blasts and spread of fires in any fuel storage system which are caused by incendiary weapons (IEDs), conventional explosives, fire or even other means such as sparking, maintenance error, electrostatic discharge, crashes, or other type of accident. Made of a special aluminum alloy mesh, the DSS™ material is produced in large mesh rolls of different sizes that can be easily inserted into all types of fuel storage tanks:

  • fuel tankers
  • fuel trucks
  • armored and personnel carrier vehicles
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