DSS™ Is Made In America

DSS™ is produced in our USA state of the art facilities, using our own special patented machines ensuring the highest quality control from raw materials to the end product.


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DSS™ is a proven technology and it is been successfully used by the US Department of Defense, foreign government agencies and industrial companies. GO>


The 4 Most Important Reasons To Buy DSS™

  • Prevents Explosions and Spread of Fires
  • Reduces Fuel Evaporation
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Allows Welding On Filled Fuel Tanks

Cost Benefit Analysis for Installing DSS™ Into a 10,000 Gallon Storage Fuel Tank Over 10 Years

DSS™patented technology will protect the fuel tank from explosion and save millions of dollars from damage or destruction of property, potential injuries and loss of lives. Even without any explosion or damage, the savings from using DSS™ in a 10,000 gallon gasoline fuel tank could be more than $46,000 over a 10-year period.


Notes and Assumptions:

1. Based on EPA's estimate that a 10,000 gallon storage fuel tank loses up to 10% of its fuel per year due to evaporation. Gasoline savings: 500 gallons per year x 10 years x $2 per gallon = $10,000
2. Based on US Navy Corrosion protection maintenance and repair costs estimates at $2,800 per year per tank. (Navy Environmental Requirements Guidebook). It is assumed that by using the DSS material, the savings will be equal to 75% of the total annual R&M costs, i.e., $2,100 per year x10 years = $21,000
3. Extension of fuel tank life is estimated to be 5 yrs at savings of $1,000/yr or a total of $5,000. It is assumed that the cost of a new fuel tank is $15,000 and its useful life is 15 years.
4. Other cost savings include emergency welding repairs, cleaning of fuel tanks, insurance premiums, recycling DSS etc. It is estimated that such cost savings are $1,000 per year x 10 yrs= $10,000.