DSS™ Is Made In America

DSS™ is produced in our USA state of the art facilities, using our own special patented machines ensuring the highest quality control from raw materials to the end product.


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DSS™ is a proven technology and it is been successfully used by the US Department of Defense, foreign government agencies and industrial companies. GO>


The 4 Most Important Reasons To Buy DSS™

  • Prevents Explosions and Spread of Fires
  • Reduces Fuel Evaporation
  • Prevents Corrosion
  • Allows Welding On Filled Fuel Tanks

Enviro-Energy Technology

DSS™ is a green technology that helps protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions. Fuel storage tanks, vehicles fuel tanks etc., generate carbon dioxide emissions especially when the fuel inside the tanks becomes hot and evaporates. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, fuel storage tanks can lose up to 5%-10% of their fuel every year due to evaporation. Our technology can reduce significantly CO2 emissions by preventing evaporation by keeping the fuel temperature inside the tank lower. Besides the environmental benefits, DSS™ also provides safety benefits by reducing the combustion danger that is caused by the fuel vapors from the evaporation.


DSS™ reduces fuel evaporation by 53% at 100°F (37°C). This results in:

  • financial benefits less fuel loss
  • environmental benefits  less hydrocarbons released to the atmosphere
  • safety benefits reduces combustion danger