Safety Technologies, Inc. is privately held by a group of senior company executives and private investors. For more information about our investor and growth strategies, please contact Dr. Nick A. Stergioulas, President.

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The Company

Safety Technologies, Inc. (STI) is a US company that possesses intellectual property (IP) rights, including trade secrets and new provisional patents, for the manufacturing, distribution and sale of the Detonation Suppression System (DSS™) technology in the USA and the rest of the world.

DSS™ is a unique technology that utilizes an aluminum alloy mesh to prevent explosions and the spread of fires in all types of storage systems that contain flammable liquids and gases. The technology can prevent and mitigate explosions caused by terrorism, acts of war, ballistic threats, fires, sparking, maintenance error, electrostatic discharge, crashes, or other types of accidents.

The key advantages for the DSS™ solution are: 1) It can save lives; 2) Provides full protection of hard assets and critical infrastructure against explosions caused by terrorism, wars or accidents; 3) Has a wide range of applications, including within and onboard vehicles, boats, propane appliances, tanker trucks, railcars, fuel/gas storage tanks, etc.; 4) Provides safety and security while transporting fuel and gases; 5) Increases the safety of consumer products and appliances that use propane or fuels; 6) Demand for the technology is expected to increase due to terrorism threats, conflicts around the world, new safety regulations, and public concern; 7) Provides energy savings by reducing fuel loss due to evaporation; 8) Provides environmental benefits by reducing CO2 emissions emanating from fuel tanks; 9) A cost effective one-time solution with minimal to no maintenance costs that protects the asset during its whole useful life; 10) Could help reduce insurance premiums; 11) Opens new market opportunities from new inventions using the DSS™ technology in IT products, air/oil filters, exhaust pipes, mufflers and more.

STI is the sole US manufacturer of DSS™ technology. Our goal is to become the technology leader in providing a permanent, cost-efficient solution for any type of fuel storage tank against explosions, blasts and fire caused by IEDs, other ballistics, or accidents. Our top markets include defense, homeland security, state and local government, energy, chemical, transportation and other government and industrial sectors.

Management Team

Nick Stergioulas
President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Stergioulas is one of the original founders of the company. He is responsible for all operations and for the strategic direction of Safety Technologies, Inc. He oversees and provides daily guidance to all efforts related to marketing, selling, contracting and manufacturing of the DSS™ technology... more

Thomas Zoretich
VP, Marketing

With more than 20 years business management experience, Tom Zoretich is involved with sales and marketing efforts to the commercial and government markets... more

Dennis G. Smythe, PE
Engineering Consultant

Mr. Smythe provides technical and management support to government-related projects. He is a retired U.S. military officer with extensive security and infrastructure experience... more